Accessible Clay Brick Pavements

Technical Note 14E from the Brick Industry Association provides guidance related to the design, construction and maintenance of accessible pavements constructed of brick pavers that will serve all people, including those with disabilities.  The text of the Technical Note is reprinted below.  Please click here to download a PDF copy of Technical Note 14E. INTRODUCTION Clay …

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Whitacre Greer MFR-100 Series Clean Burning Site Built Masonry Fireplace

EPA Qualified Fireplace

The Whitacre Greer MFR-100 Series Site-Built Masonry Fireplace reduces PM 2.5 particulates in masonry fireplaces to 4.3 g/kg.  The EPA Qualified fireplace uses Clear Skies Unlimited HearthCAT Technology.

  • Emission Control Technology for Site-Built Masonry Fireplaces
  • EPA Phase 2 Qualified ASTM E-2558
  • Meets Washington State Fireplace Emission Standards
  • Reduces Airborne PM 2.5 Particulates to 4.3 g/kg
  • Passive Technology – No Power Required – No Moving Parts
  • Maintenance Free
  • Reliable & Affordable

HearthCAT Emission Control Technology is a patented catalytic system designed especially for wood burning fireplaces. The HearthCAT is positioned directly above the fireplace grate against the back wall of the firebox. The HearthCAT Hood captures the smoke and particulates while most of the dilution air bypases the hood and travels up the primary flue system. The HearthCAT™ System provides secondary ignition for the combustibles before they leave the firebox as harmful particulate pollution. The direct flame on the catalytic surface actually cleans the combustors. The HearthCAT System creates a clean wood burning fireplace. This is the only passive technology available for emission control of wood smoke emissions from fireplaces.

Winner of the 2009 Hearth & Home Vesta Award and the 2009 Enivormental Protection Agency Clean Air Excellence Award.

Download the MFR-100 Owners Manual here

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